RecordingDateLabel detailsRole
Fridge in the fast lane1983POKE Records - PROD001bass, backing vocals
Nightwatch EP 1988
POKE Records - PROD002bass
Radio CIX1989POKE Records PROD003bass, guitar, backing vocals
The Naughty Caterpillar and other songs...1992TAKE 5 Productionsguitar, backing vocals
The Naughty Caterpillar and other stories...1992TAKE 5 Productionsguitar, backing vocals
Chill Out 3 (video)1992AK Musicmastering and audio post-production
PANtasia VOL11993The PAN Networkbass, producer
Jukebox Karaoke - Back to the 70ís (video)1993AK Musicguitar, audio post
Body & Soul - Marie Helvin (video)1993Blackbirdaudio post-production
Secrets of Fitness & Beauty - Joan Collins (video)1994BlackbirdMix, mastering and audio post-production
Flight Through Cloudless Sky - Paul Downing1994PD PR 01mastering
30th Anniversary (video) - The Barron Knights1994AK Musicaudio post-production
I Own Me - Roxy Blades1995demolead guitar, bass, backing vox
Let the Girl Dance - Ryan Helman1996Miraclere-mix and mastering
Opus 42 - Experimental String Quartet1997JRJ/ESQmastering
Dusk till Dawn - Nightwatch199833 Records 33WM106bass, guitar, guitar synth, vocals, production
Lady of the Night - Timewarp1999Nomad Rush NOMAD101guitar, backing vocals, co-producer
Excerpts from The Chronicles - Trevor James1999WRCD1mastering
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep - Kid-Power2000Galaxi STAR102guitar, bass, co-producer
Vultures - Naked Angel2002Priestess Recordsengineer and co-production
Tear Down the Barriers - enQ2002POKE Records PROD012guitars, guit. synth, cittern, vocals, producer
Distant Call - Devlin2002unreleasedguitar synth, backing vox, co-producer
NAFA Sampler 2003 - BritFolk2003BritFolkmastering
Two Short PlanX - WoodworX 2004PROD013 - POKE Recordsguitar, guitar synth, vox, producer
WOMEX Sampler 2004 - folkWISE2004folkWISEmastering
Far From Home - Blackthorn2004Hobgoblinmastering
WOMEX Sampler 2005 - folkWISE2005folkWISEmastering