The control room of Brian's studio Brian has been involved in recording - on both sides of the glass - for a number of years and has developed a small - but fairly sophisticated - project studio for recording his own musical adventures and general audio production work for third parties. He has been intimately involved in recording four albums, one EP and a number of individual tracks. Currently is involved in a number of fruitful studio based collaborations with other musicians in both a production and performance role.


Brian has mastered a number of CDs, mainly for Hobgoblin Records. My approach is to try and clarify mix with out altering the basic 'feel' of the mixdown. Mastering, like a lot of music production, is a of art and science which is dedesigned to get the the best out of the recording medium - usually a Compact Disc recording. Click here to read an article about mastering that was printed in PC Pro Magazine.


Brian has been writing his own material ever since school and have also arranged a number of traditional songs and tunes for the various bands he's been involved in. He writes in a variety of styles his main strength as a lyricist. He has also collaborated with a number of other musicians, again usually providing lyrics that use, or develop on, their musical ideas. The styles range from fairly straight folk/rock/MOR to blues’y and soul influenced material. Most recently he has being putting traditional tunes into jazz and ambient settings.

Composing Credits

These include a large number of lyrics, songs and arrangements of traditional material into modern settings as well as peom settings (mainly by Rudyard Kypling and Henry Lawson). Also jingles for local BBC and ILR stations. Currently head of music for a TV Production company writing and recording signature tunes, theme music and performing 'in-house' audio post production on the TV shows.

Production and Performance Credits